Minnesota Management & Budget, IA Warehouse?Issued: August 29, 1995?Number 1003-00

Information Access Data Warehouse Management
To ensure data and jobs used to manipulate that data in loading the Information Access data warehouse are available for restoration as needed.
All libraries (JCL, copybook, procedures and loads) are backed up daily using DMS utilities available through the InterTechnologies Group. All datasets containing warehouse data are backed up via an image copy within DB2. These two backup activities are scheduled to run daily via UCC7. All restore activities require manual activities. The load files and source data for the warehouse is retained in 5th generation GDGs (generation data groups).
Different areas of the warehouse are refreshed with different frequencies and at different times of the day as identified during the design process. For example:
preliminary accounting data is updated after the successful completion of the GFS batch process .
employee information data is updated nightly at 8:00 p.m.
payroll history is updated bi-weekly after completion of the payroll calculation.
labor distribution is updated bi-weekly after payroll is posted to the Minnesota Accounting and Procurement System (MAPS).
The Information Access data warehouse is not currently included on any specific retention schedule.

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