Information on Web Analytics Forum

Many people who are involved with web technologies would certainly have heard about web analytics. It is the study of online behaviour of people in a website to understand how well it fulfils its objectives. We use web analytics to check whether the website is performing well or not. This is quite significant for website owners if he wants to improve his website performance.

Is web analytics expensive?

A web user who has some knowledge of general web metrics doesn’t need to hire a professional. There is also no need to buy web analytics tools because there are many free tools available in Internet. These can be accessed on Google Analytics, Statecounter and others.

In addition, there is also web analytics forum that welcome web analytics professionals to participate. The web analytics forum is founded by Eric T. Peterson and moderated by members of the Web Analytics Association (WAA) The web analytics forum is a great help for professionals in a way that it provides education, better networking and occupational support.

The web analytics forum has several committees with various committee members. These members standardize the terms, definitions and best practices in the web analytics industry. They also work to influence legislation that has a direct or indirect effect on the industry. They also develop and implement training and certification programs, which strengthens the professionalism of web analytics. Lastly, they work to unite all web analytic professionals, consultants, and end-users to discuss and promote common interests.

Web analytics professionals who want to become a member of this forum can just see more information about it online.

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