Information Systems Project: Some Preliminary Steps before Implementing IS Projects

There are many different kinds of information systems projects.  Companies can undertake a major overhaul of their information systems which means the IT project will be encompassing and will affect every aspect of the business. 

There are also projects that will try to upgrade certain areas of the technology architecture of companies.  This is also a major project but it will not be as comprehensive compared to a total systems upgrade.  There are also minor IT projects and this could involve just a single division or department of the company.

When implementing information systems projects, managers must be able to conduct the necessary preparation protocols before it can be implemented.  First, it should pass the conceptual stage. 

This stage defines what the project is all about and its limitations and scope.  The target benefits of the project must be clearly defined.  At the conceptual stage, project managers must be able to communicate the current technology set up the company and clearly determine the problems facing the existing information systems infrastructure.  A business case should be the result of the conceptual stage. 

The next stage involves planning.  There are many aspects to information systems project that must be addressed.  First, objectives and strategies must be set.  It will serve as the general direction of the IT systems projects. 

Time tables must also be planned for the project.  Projects should not take forever.  Fast implementation of information systems project means better savings in terms of time and resources.

Finally, tasks must be distributed.  Effective delegation of work is critical to any information systems project.  It will systematize implementation and will make the project more organized.

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