Information Systems Security: How to Protect the Network against Hacks

The information systems of companies are probably the most vulnerable aspect of their business.  That is if they will not deploy top of the line security systems to protect their IT environment.  Information systems security is basically designed to bulletproof the network of companies against malicious attacks.  These attacks could be made by hackers wanting to steal sensitive personal and customer information or by worms and Trojans that are out to destroy computer systems.

The most basic security feature that a company can put is a firewall.  In fact there are IT firewall specialists that devote their energies in building almost an impenetrable firewall for corporate accounts.  Managers of information system divisions should have a competent firewall expert in their staff.  By deploying a firewall, they can effectively block any malicious intrusions that could wreak havoc on the company’s systems.

There are also security features that will try to deceive worms and hackers.  This kind of IT security uses a proxy network that serves as a buffer or perimeter defense of actual network.  It works by filtering all incoming traffic and can be configured to determine suspicious programs or applications that will try to communicate with the network.  In effect, it will try to jumble the signals of the company network so as not to attract attention.  The proxy will then serve as the frontline anti-intrusion mechanism.  It is an elaborate system but could be very effective against hacks and worms.

Information systems security is very important for every company network.  It protects the IT environment of companies in order to preserve its integrity and trustworthiness.

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