Be accountable for providing strategic and technical leadership for client teams establishing cloud infrastructure design, migrating data centers to cloud, developing Infrastructure as Code, or deploying cloud solutions.

More Uses of the Infrastructure as Code Toolkit:

  • Be accountable for implementing devops practices as Infrastructure as Code, continuous integration and automated deployment.
  • Lead: setup network, storage and security environments, leveraging an Infrastructure as Code approach.
  • Manage: implement and administer cloud platform and on premise databases and data warehouse solutions using automation, scripting and Infrastructure as Code.
  • Solve security challenges in a security first, Infrastructure as Code, fully cloud based environment.
  • Identify: 5 years with Infrastructure as Code automation, preferably in a manufacturing environment.
  • Coordinate: implement devops practices as Infrastructure as Code, continuous integration and automated deployment.
  • Automate everything, nothing is handcrafted, Infrastructure as Code is your nature.
  • Maintain devops operational environments, automating and using Infrastructure as Code, ensures appropriate security and access levels to environment tools and resources.
  • Ensure you mentor, automated deployments, windows server, kubernetes, IT Security, auto scaling, Infrastructure as Code.
  • Identify: design, build, manage and operate the infrastructure and configuration of saas applications with a focus on automation and Infrastructure as Code.
  • Develop full fledged software tooling to deliver programmable infrastructure and environments (Infrastructure as Code).
  • Be accountable for using Infrastructure as Code techniques for development and production environments.
  • Guide: test engineering for implementing application testing and testing Infrastructure as Code.
  • Establish that your organization offerings, with a focus on automation, Infrastructure as Code, and as a service functions.
  • Ensure you advance, found a shared facility managing Infrastructure as Code and/or infrastructure automation.
  • Ensure you would adopt an automation first approaches to testing, deployment, security, and compliance of solutions through Infrastructure as Code and automated policy enforcement.
  • Support your dev, test, and production environments using an Infrastructure as Code approach.
  • Evaluate: design and set standards for setup related to computing, storing and securing environments while leveraging an Infrastructure as Code approach for a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Provide engineering mastery in operating service oriented architectures, Infrastructure as Code, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous (resilient) operations.
  • Organize: currently exploring multiple vendors for cloud platforms (admin or architect), Infrastructure as Code, and next gen data centers.
  • Evaluate: design, implement, and maintain server, storage, network, and security Infrastructure as Code.
  • Supervise: thought leader across multiple teams and technologies to drive change into teams to move towards and Infrastructure as Code approach.
  • Support the belief in Infrastructure as Code administering operating systems through scripts, APIs, tooling, and automation.


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