Ready to use prioritized Innovation Strategy requirements, to:

Work with key stakeholders across the product organization (inclusive of engineering, UX and user research), marketing, finance and business development to lead the development of a long-term portfolio strategy that delivers innovative new products and experiences while balancing (internal) customer needs, business goals and technology investments. .


    • Select and ensure the effective use of key comparative data and information to support operational and strategic decision making and innovation.
    • Leverage the right information on an ongoing basis as you make progress developing the best ideas to develop and defend your business case.
    • Get people to change the way they have done things for years and try something new.
    • Ensure that your internal stakeholders and innovation decision makers, and employees more generally, are aware of internal data and external data products that they can leverage.
    • Build a team that has the capabilities to keep pace with the innovations in analytics.
    • Assess your organizations measures for business development and innovation.
    • Transform technology procurement to support business innovation.
    • Encourage investment and innovation when the data is the key currency.
    • Drive faster service agility and innovation toward new business models.
    • Turn corporate business strategies into something the research and development organization can be aligned with.

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