Since many people nowadays are blogging to earn money, most of them are particularly concerned about search engine optimization. The strength of one’s WordPress homepage is also very important in making the blog very effective in selling or promoting sites and products or services.

Bloggers who are using WordPress would normally have the generic WordPress homepage at the start. This is not enough in order to make their blogs earn. They would have make adjustments and changes on the blog. If they want to optimize their homepage, they would have to install additional plug-ins. These plug-ins would then add several functionality and options to WordPress making their blog more customizable.

A WordPress blogger would need to download and activate the said plug-ins and then he’s set to begin his tweaking. These plug-ins range from the content editor and add this plug-ins to plug-ins that handle Adsense. Again each plug-in would have a specific use in making the blog easier to index for search engine optimization.

A social bookmarking plug-in, for instance, help the blog be more popular among readers and even among search engines. There’s also a plug-in to help the blogger track visitors. Backup and restoration plug-ins are also quite useful for blog administration.

Plug-ins help the WordPress homepage become an income earner. If one wants his blog to earn well search engine optimization must be done. He must therefore promote the blog. He must make his WordPress easy to index for search engines. And he must also make his WordPress homepage entertaining and informative for the readers.

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