When you think about the possibility of combining WordPress on your website, things may come very confusing and complex to you.  However, in reality, when you really think about mixing WordPress with your website, it can indeed be made. Combining WordPress on your website is possible to be made using any of these two steps:

a.    You have your own website up and running and what you can do is to install WordPress.  Upon installation of the WordPress software, you can then start writing your posts and edit your entries.   In order to feed these entries directly to your website, use a third party software like PHP and CSS.  The only thing that looks very awkward about this is that when you want to include any link on that post, the link goes to the WordPress installation and not to the desired linked page once it is clicked.  
b.    You can basically come up with a WordPress theme that exactly matches your own site.  You can take those designs or cascading styles on you site and deliver them exactly how your WordPress theme looks like.  After that, apply all these into your worpdress installation and you instantly have a web log that has the same feel and look like that of your own website.  

These two steps are generally being used by web loggers who own and maintain their personal websites all at the same time have a web log that they use for other reasons.  These integrating methods are by far the most practical and easy to do.  

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