Collaborate with operations team members to ensure requirements are specified and delivered and assets are effectively transferred into operation to deliver business returns.

More Uses of the Integrity management Toolkit:

  • Collaborate with operations team members for effective and efficient deployment of resources and knowledge development/ retention.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with coworkers, clients, and subcontractors.
  • Head: advice on the impact of technical/ specialist risks and issues and the viability of solutions recommended.
  • Provide a professional appearance when interfacing with clients and other coworkers.
  • Provide feedback from the field to the Engineering Group for continuous improvement.
  • Ensure you brand management; through industry branding, industry networking, industry communications, industry association membership, etc.
  • Manage and resolve a range of issues on projects covering technical and operational matters related to Operations.
  • Lead: implement offshore standards, procedures, tools, best practices and quality requirements.
  • Develop programs to penetrate the supplier bases of existing clients to increase sales opportunities (with management).
  • Collaborate with contract managers to aid procurement and management of key contracts and terms/ specification to secure best value and minimise costs/ risks.
  • Initiate: continuously develop and evolve the reliability and maintenance efforts to best address your organizations needs as the business grows and enters new markets.
  • Identify and introduce nontraditional market opportunities or geographies for strategic advancement of your organization based on sound market research.
  • Orchestrate: successfully manage the expectations of the project managers with regards to project delivery.
  • Drive: management of consultants/technical advisors to deliver key advice and compliance.
  • Ensure you lead the efforts to analyze and integrate data resulting from the Integrity management preventive and mitigative programs to lead improvements and minimize negative trends.
  • Identify and capture opportunities for improvement in equipment maintainability and reliability.
  • Communicate market and client data to the corporate office (General management or Inside sales support) timely, especially problems or opportunities.
  • Arrange that your organization participates with executive management in the development of short, medium and long term business plans.
  • Analyse technical/ specialist risks and issues and the viability of solutions recommended.
  • Audit: new business lead generation / strategic account management through personal contact and key industry involvement.
  • Standardize: offshore industry is still relatively immature, and a key focus is on driving down cost.
  • Participate and conduct asset integrity audits remotely and/or at client sites.


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