Ready to use prioritized Internal Audit requirements, to:

Manage the operations of the Corporate Compliance Office, its staff and coordinated risk programs, including the Corporate Compliance program, Internal Audit Program, Enterprise Risk Management Program, Information Security, and Accreditation Support Program. .


    • Where does responsibility for strategic fraud risk management lie within your organization, and what role does internal audit have in prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud?
    • Does your organization have adequate and effective measures to monitor internal control in case it has no internal audit function?
    • Does internal audit have a consistent and effective audit and compliance program set forth and completed over the financial risk management functions of your organization?
    • Does the head of internal audit have a process in place to ensure that work is allocated to auditors who have the appropriate skills, experience and competence?
    • Does your organization have a comprehensive internal audit plan for your organizations cybersecurity program?
    • Is the internal audit department in your organization expected to provide independent assurance regarding the activities of risk management, compliance, and other assurance functions?
    • Does the internal audit activity evaluate and contribute to the improvement of your organizations governance, risk management and internal control processes?
    • Do internal auditors have sufficient knowledge of key information technology risks and controls and available technology based audit techniques to perform the assigned work?
    • Does the internal audit function have a recognized role within your organization as an ethical sounding board?
    • Are your internal audit and risk management departments prepared to navigate your organization on the cloud journey?

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