With an increasing reliance on the standards set by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), India, where the use of Computers are booming in such great numbers.
And with this great use comes an increasing need for Software Testing, and for its Certification Examinations.
In this regard, the Indian Testing Board (ITB) is the top National board for India that is also approved by ISTQB.
The ITB is directly responsible to the passing of the Certification Examinations to would-be takers.
In this, the Certification title up for grabs would be the "ISTQB-Certified-Tester" Certification-India.
And while, ISTQB is directly responsible for the "ISTQB Certified Tester", which in reality is the international qualification scheme, which are based solely on syllabus.

The Certification Examination also covers the initial the contents included in the syllabus.
And in the passing of the said Certification Examination, every successful Examinee gets to be bestowed with the “ISTQB-Certified-Tester” certificate.
In this, just imagining the process and manpower required to do this would be very hard and nerve-wracking on the part of the people working in ISTQB, which is why there was the creation of the ITB.

ITB is even at times viewed as an organization distinct from ISTQB in some aspects, and the Indian Subcontinent certainly needs this.
Now, while the contents of the syllabus are taught to the users in the form of courses in the training centers, these still have to be approved by the ITB to stop any form of fake and inefficient schooling.

In the world of Software Testing, one of the leading authorities in which the field is guided is those of International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).
The ISTQB is directly responsible for the Certification Examination of its International Qualification Scheme, which has been named "ISTQB Certified Tester" following the general purpose of the whole affair.
As for the applying and approving qualifications, they are all based on a syllabus.

Aside from these, there are also a corresponding hierarchy of qualifications for the Accreditation process, while guidelines for the Examination itself.
Now one of the best things about ISTQB is its role in supporting and adapting to a single qualification scheme that is universally-accepted by all parties.
This scheme is aims for the improvement of performance of the at Software and System Testing programmers, which is done through the simplification and unifying of the syllabi in a manner that this still acceptable to both parties, the provider and Examinee.
And there’s really no reason why Examinees should fail to pass as the main contents of each syllabus given to them are also taught as courses offered by the accredited training providers.

And with every passing, the successful examinees are given the Certificate "ISTQB Certified Tester", which is globally accepted, and while the ISTQB may be different in respect to the local logo of the country, the merit and recognition for such an achievement is still the same.
Other notable local ISTQB branches are the American Software Qualification Board (ASTQB) and the ITB.

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