Confirm your organization facilitates departmental Intranet and digital marketing strategies and keeps abreast of emerging trends in talent and organizational technology and methods.

More Uses of the Intranet Toolkit:

  • Secure that your strategy complies; directs the maintenance of the website and Intranet site for current information related to talent management.
  • Redesign of your organizations website and Intranet.
  • Be accountable for updating and revising existing web contentand routine maintenance of Intranet.
  • Ensure you cooperate; and lead the efforts to build and maintain your organization Intranet.
  • Arrange that your strategy provides direction to local marketing organization in regard to marketing and Intranet and traditional advertising initiatives.
  • Organize and maintain Legal Department team records, design and manage Legal Intranet site.
  • Oversee: plan, edit and write content for a variety of internal communications mediums, as a staff Intranet, email, and internal messaging platforms.
  • Arrange that your organization develops Intranet resources using network technology.
  • Develop Intranet/extranet integration applications.
  • Manage: dual factor authentication and web and Intranet applications.
  • Develop web applications, Intranet and Extranet sites for various projects.
  • Warrant that your enterprise promotes the use of the database by developing advertising and communication materials on the Intranet and by acting as liaison to other departments.
  • Ensure you involve; lead business intelligence Intranet portal.
  • Develop: post and format content on your organizations Intranet site.
  • Develop content for the employee Intranet.
  • Be the superuser of the Intranet manage the profiles, content, privacy setting and information on the platform.
  • Control: master Intranet and deploy it as a standard knowledge management tool for all applicable projects.
  • Ensure your project complies; access and retrieve information from the Environmental Intranet site.
  • Maintain your organizations Intranet and recommend other digital tools to enhance internal communication.
  • Be accountable for producing and updating all Program related data on the Program Intranet portal.
  • Warrant that your organization maintains group Intranet site and repository of administrative and business development information.
  • Manage: product owner of your Intranet, blink.
  • Drive: design, curate and create human resources owned employee content for the Intranet.
  • Make sure that your strategy oversees maintenance of technological platforms, as team Intranet and project management tools.
  • Help client teams collaborate by, among other things, creating client specific Intranet pages.
  • Formulate: maintenance and updates to Intranet and web servers.


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