More and more companies now are striving to improve their business processes and optimize the operations of their organizations.  The purpose for such undertaking is to develop quality products and services so that their market competitiveness and viability could improve.  That is why it is very important for companies, especially its project managers to understand that basics of CMMI.  A broad intro to CMMI can give project managers a generalized view of how CMMI works and how its tools can be utilized to optimize the business operations.

An intro to CMMI can provide managers with information on how to approach business process calibration in order to improve the maturity levels of their application.  Because CMMI is an approach to develop processes and improve its functions, it can give managers the necessary elements of how to make it more effective for the company’s drive towards optimization. 

A good way to get an introductory manual on CMMI is to download business presentations.  Usually, these CMMI presentations are provided free by training centers and providers.  It can also be acquired through the websites of CMMI software vendors and CMMI solutions providers.  These study materials can complement the CMMI applications.

There are also CMMI introductions that can be accessed in PDF.  These documents usually can be provided free by business schools.  Some CMMI introductory documents also contain basic strategies and methodologies on how to implement CMMI projects on the entire enterprise.  These are very useful materials in order to grasp the intricacies of CMMI and to appreciate it as a valuable utility for project management. 

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