The leading social games publishers are all flocking in Google’s in-game advertising. Some even use social networks like MySpace and Facebook to publish their platforms. This way, Internet users can play with their social and real life friends whenever they want to get connected.
What are some of the benefits that marketers can enjoy when they employ Google in-game advertising? There are a lot of benefits.

Google in-game advertising has been proven effective because it can attract a great deal of audiences who are called casual gamers. Casual gamers are connected in various websites like social networking sites. These audiences are looking for entertainment and Google in-game advertising provides the entertainment they want. Based on records gathered by Playfish, there is an average of 35 minutes spent by every user per day in a single game alone. This in turn generates over one billion minutes of play time for one month.

Because of this, marketers take advantage of Google in-game advertising to get benefited as well. Such benefits that marketers will enjoy include:

1.    extended scope for your video ads wherein ads appear in between every game, after the game or at the start of the game
2.    in-game advertising also permits branding familiarity among the players and this branding can result in considerable increased number of customers
3.    in-game advertising is also an effective opportunity to attract customer sponsorships because you can go directly to the publishing partners who might want to do business with you via integrations
4.    a new generation of social gamer is booming in the market comprised of Internet users of different ages, background, demography, and interest. They are the perfect target for your in-game advertising because they could probably be a member of any social networking websites that allow information sharing

So, it is no longer a big surprise to know that there are many online marketers who resort to Google in-game advertising because of its wide scope and indispensable strategy for advertising.

Google technology is powered by thousands of high quality websites under what is called Google Content Network. Google Content Network can be associated with an octopus and the websites that comprise the whole network can be associated with the octopus’ tentacles. Whatever website will Google acquire it still belongs to the same body or network, and it still functions based on the objectives set by the head.

The Google Content Network is supported by first-rate websites, blogs, news pages and other sites that chose to partner with Google. The sites that belong in the network are being displayed to meet AdWords ads, another product of Google. This is because such sites can do advertising and marketing. This process will reach their targeted audiences, consumers, and enable them to maintain the loyalty of their customers.  

Everyday, hundred of thousands of ads and campaigns are published in content networks to market and advertise whatever product and service a business produced. These ads are published in the form of content materials.

Google’s Content Network is already considered the largest network. It is designed for contextual advertising both in virtual world and in the real world. And so, if you are into advertising and marketing, you can take advantage of Google’s proven targeting display of website and webpages.

With over 20 languages in over 100 countries, Google Content Network has potentially gathered 75 per cent of Internet users in the world. The probability of reaching out for potential audiences and customers are high enough to get a considerable control over your advertising impact and results. This means, if you choose to advertise with the use of Google Content Network along with Google Search Network, you can immediately reach out to three users from four Internet users in the whole world. This is because everything is powered by Google’s extensive web search and linguistic processing technology.

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