Intuitive provides ERP software applications for the manufacturing industry that are indeed intuitive. The company does live up to its lofty name by offering fully-functional software that can handle a manufacturing company’s back and front office operations.

Intuitive ERP for manufacturing especially focuses on processing orders in a more efficient manner. Manufacturing companies can now have help in providing estimates and price quotes to clients faster than ever. Complex orders can also now be tracked more easily. This high level of efficiency lowers errors and delay in processing orders, which leads to happier clients.

Because productivity is a primary concern for a manufacturing company, Intuitive ERP also offers an abundance of labor-saving components which help maximize human resources through the use of efficient scheduling and distribution of work.

Aside from managing the workforce, Intuitive ERP also manages equipment by monitoring capacity. In this way, machinery is maximized without being overused. As a result, more processes become fast and automated, leaving employees with extra time to handle more important aspects of the business.

Intuitive ERP has also other features focused on managing finances, controlling quality of products and items, creating accurate forecasts and trends in the market, and maintaining communication with both employees and clients in real time.

If a small or medium-sized manufacturing company needs maximum flexibility within a controlled and managed environment, Intuitive ERP software is a good ERP solution to rely on. Intutive has a diverse range of clients who are more than happy with the solutions the software company have provided.


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