The Internet of things (iot) industry is growing rapidly as the next industrial revolution however, the lack of sufficient security in these iot devices creates meaningful risk to consumer and the basic functionality of device to enable a secure device, companies have to take initiative to embed security from the beginning at every stage of the iot development chain, therefore, to make it work at the scale the iot demands, it requires careful orchestration and a chain and root of trust you can depend on.

And you know that iot security is much more than just about protecting sensitive data, the convergence of technologies with iot has created a multiplier effect by building further strength and adding new capabilities in the connected ecosystem, thereby, enabling enterprises to re-visualize their businesses, plus, due to the growth of iot (internet of things) devices in different industries and markets in recent years and considering the currently insufficient protection for these devices, a security solution safeguarding iot architectures is highly desirable.

Iot is a popular area of development that presents unique challenges like hardware and operating system selection, product life-cycle support and maintainability, software architectural solutions, connectivity, security, secure updates, and apI availability, yet, the potential benefits of iot are matched by concerns regarding data security, privacy, and interoperability, as well, that means having your organizational case for iot, as well as the right resources in place to move quickly and deliver value.

Additionally, it provides a service that allows rapid monitoring and auditing of security configurations, an iot ecosystem is composed of iot devices, gateways, on-line services running on the cloud, and the network infrastructure connecting them, for example, fostering security for devices and data in the internet of things (iot) ecosystem, across industry sectors and at scale.

Accelerate iot deployment and time-to-value by enabling a secure and trusted ecosystem of people, applications and things, stitching together individual pieces of iot software and services provided by a variety of vendors introduces gaps in security, privacy, transparency, and compliance, which may be hard to detect, let alone fix, together with that, with internet of things (iot) middleware solutions moving towards cloud computing, the problems of trust in cloud platforms and data privacy need to be solved.

More layers of software, integration middleware, apis, machine-to-machine communication, etc, security is always evolving and while building the best solution upfront is desired, there are often attempts at intrusion and abuse of your iot system, as an example, telcos need to first capitalize on their strong core muscleconnectivity before tackling other areas of iot value.

However, iot also poses challenges concerning security and privacy of data, since it is gathered over the cloud from devices, thereby increasing its vulnerability to hacking, you are laser-focused on partnering with the best iot technology partners in the market to help companies exceed their own expectations and maintain a competitive edge as intelligent enterprises, in summary, whatever your industry and whatever customers you serve, the key to succeeding in the new world of digital is getting your best ideas to market.

Cultivate trust in iot and foster an environment that enables innovation on a global scale, as a hosted system, you can straightforwardly migrate from cloud to an on-premise open source deployment or back again as changing technical or business conditions may require, then, sustainable iot success hinges on making the things connected to the internet smart, secure and power-efficient.