Is having a CompTIA Security+ certification one of the better ways to get attention from prospective employers?


Certainly no one would argue that when it comes to IT, Security is one of the fastest growing sectors. Prospective employers are always on the lookout for talented IT professionals who have a masterful grasp on security (and its many protocols / tools). For those who have decided to make IT security their career priority, CompTIA Security+ certification is an excellent choice.

It’s important (especially in today’s world of outsourcing) that certain types of IT workers have certifications which are internationally recognized. After all, we are living in a very connected world, at least from a technical standpoint, anyway. The CompTIA Security+ cert, unlike other qualifications, is considered to be something of a global standard, a way of quickly measuring IT workers’ knowledge and experience (it’s certified by both ANSI and ISO).

What does the certification prove, you ask?  In a nutshell, a CompTIA S+ cert proves that a person is competent when it comes to running or participating in an up-to-date IT security operation. For instance, individuals with this certification not only understand how to ensure security protocols from an operational standpoint, they also keep their organization in check as far as compliance issues are concerned. Of course network security is always a top priority, this is why programs like the CompTIA Security+ emphasize having students familiarize themselves with all manner of threat and vulnerability from outside forces. On the ‘heavier’ side this would include things like Cryptography (which is vital for hiding critical components from would-be attackers) as well as more accessible items like application / host security and data integrity.


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Naturally, given the level of involvement and expertise required to hold a CompTIA certification, employers are quick to hire those who have them. IT security has become one of the most important areas of activity over the course of the last several years. As more people and businesses begin turning toward IT, cloud, and internet-based services and solutions the total number of threats increases.

Sometimes it’s malicious hackers or competing business interests that bring systems down, but often times it is employee neglect or ignorance. These days, security isn’t just about protecting oneself from outside forces; it’s also about making sure that those with internal access cannot inadvertently bring down the entire operation (knowingly or unknowingly).

Those with the CompTIA Security+ certification should be able to easily find employment with a wide array of different companies, but such qualifications also open the door to other possibilities. For example, you might want to go to work for an organization as a network or security admin, but you could also become an independent security consultant if you really wanted to. The point is, with this type of certification there are quite a lot of active groups who would definitely be in the market for your skills.

Some of the world’s top manufacturers / producers in various areas seek out those with CompTIA certifications. But it’s not just computer companies and avionics companies that are eager to hire people with these qualifications, governments are also on board (and this includes the US state department).


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Whether you’re on the lookout for a fertile career area, keeping up with the times, or just perhaps looking to protect your job from a long-term perspective, a CompTIA Security+ certification can help you accomplish these goals (and more). The exam itself is relatively short (90 mins, 100 questions), but don’t get the wrong idea, it’s fairly intense. In order to pass you’ll need to absorb quite a bit of information, this is why it is recommended that you employ the help of some companies offering formalized training materials.

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