Is there any harm in using a PMP Sample Test during the exam preparation stage? You might be
unpleasantly surprised to find that in some cases, yes, it is wrong to use a PMP Sample Test.

There are some cases now of training institutions of being accused of plagiarism or copyright infringement
when relying on the PMBOK (or Project Management Body of Knowledge created by the Project
Management Institute which administers the PMP accreditation exam itself.) By using the PMBOK, these
training institutions are said to be encroaching on the intellectual property rights of the Project
Management Institute which has exclusive rights to content of the PMBOK.

You need to examine the law in the country where the PMP Sample Test was created and even
international law regarding copyrights and intellectual property rights to be sure in your own mind what
these rights are. Though it is unlikely a student would be slapped with a lawsuit for using a PMP Sample
Test of dubious origins, it would still be unpleasant and uncomfortable to use one knowing that it was
derived from a business or non profit using deceitful means (if you had a conscience, that is.)

Intellectual property rights are the new field of legal concern which affects present and future Project
Management practitioners, but even then intellectual property right infringement or theft is quite difficult to
prove and is often judged via subjective means. But to make sure you are getting a good deal, do make it
a point to read the original PMBOK of the Project Management Institute then compare it to your PMP
Sample Test. This is the only way you can see for yourself the originality of the PMP Sample Test you are
about to take.


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