For many years, many companies and organizations have created large volume of different and scattered contents. These include documents, videos, email messages, web pages, instant messages, and a lot more. These contents are usually kept unmanaged and disorganized. When the time comes that the organization needs to recover or share their compiled information, they have difficulty in finding them again. That is why the enterprise content management (ECM) was created to give solution for this problem. That is why many ECM companies are now creating ways to solve these information management issues. But is it really worth putting ones investment on ECM capital?

Most companies often complain about several problems on information management. Some say that they find it too difficult to look for the right information because they have many websites, it needs significant amount of time, and their organization is too complex to take care of the information. Due to these problems, many companies are now providing solutions for better content management for organizations and companies who cannot do it on their own. Therefore, there is a need for more ECM companies who will provide solutions on content management.

Aside from the demand in the market, competition is also a key factor to invest or not for an ECM capital. Big IT companies including Microsoft and IBM are now providing their own ECM solutions for different organizations. But they offer services at high cost compared to small-time ECM companies. However, many clients are not that satisfied with the services of some small-time companies making them turn to the big names in the IT industry.

There is a demand and there is no question about that—but the ECM capital’s worth can only be determined with the quality and quantity of service to be provided by the prospect company.

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