Well as many of you would already know ITIL®® is the acronym for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, so by its name it would be safe to assume that it is purely an IT framework, or would it? Sure ITIL®® will help any organisation better manage their IT resources, but can it help in the non-IT areas of the business as well?

Recently I had a discussion with one of our clients on how ITIL®® could benefit his new business venture, a Night Club. We decided that it would certainly be very easy to match many of the ITIL®® Service Management processes to his new business. The front desk of the night club would be his Service Desk; this would become his single point of contact for all Incidents and Requests for Service that arose though the day-today running of the club. The front desk of the club or the Service Desk as we will now call it would also handle Incident Management with-in the club, working to get staff and patrons back enjoying themselves as quickly as possible no matter what the cause of their issue. Problem Management would be used to help permanently remove the reasons for Incidents that occurred with-in the club.

As part of the management of the club there would be the creation of a Configuration Management Database to track the assets with-in the club and also help understand the relationships between each of the assets. Change and Release management would be used to have a set procedure to make changes to the club and would cover areas such as change time frames, staff training requirements and ensuring each change is authorised.

We only really talked about the Service Support processes, but it’s not too much of a stretch to see how Service Delivery could also be incorporated in the management of this or any business. For me it was certainly an interesting exercise, and one which showed that ITIL®® is very versatile and can easily be tailored to any situation where Service Management and customer satisfaction is the goal.

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