Work with other members of the control systems design department and other groups to continuously improve methods of design, with the goals being enhanced safety, enhanced functionality and reduced cost.

More Uses of the ISO 13849 Toolkit:

  • Guide: project engineering safety and continuous improvement.
  • Advise safety, engineering and operations teams on safety regulations and regulatory compliance concerns relating to process and equipment design.
  • Direct: design and implement a series of offline tools for the robotics safety software suite.
  • Drive: product management leader, aws pricing calculator.
  • Ensure you integrate; build and create software tools for use in assessing and improving system performance.
  • Ensure safe deployment of new equipment in partnership with engineering, facilities, safety, and operations teams.
  • Ensure you manage; lead your organization through integration of Functional Safety and compliance with ISO 13849 standards.
  • Drive: customer, supplier, development team, manufacturing sites.
  • Contribute to foundational services of the robotics safety solution.
  • Seek improvement opportunities in the safety review process.
  • Establish: definition of requirements for safety verification and validation.
  • Manage work with cto to architecture hardware and software framework for robotic systems.
  • Develop functional safety architectures and cascade functional safety requirements to the systems, subsystems, and component levels.
  • Ensure you join; lead creating and defining thorough test cases and test plans through traditional test methodologies.
  • Collaborate with design engineers, project managers, development team, integrators, and customers on technical aspects of functional safety.
  • Develop policies, interpret regulatory codes, safety standards, training and procedures for new, next generation automation technologies.
  • Be accountable for planning and tracking of work packages and tasks in accordance with the safety plan and project plan.
  • Foster the development of a culture reflective of the core values of the business.
  • Manage: perception system setup and runtime performance.
  • Audit: safety compliance and product reliability testing for electro mechanical products.
  • Oversee: development of safety concepts in accordance with iso 26262.
  • Ensure you guide; lead and develop Safety Engineering team talent.
  • Manage control system network design and troubleshooting.
  • Ensure you gain; find creative approaches to abstract diverse hardware and software environments into common semantics.
  • Provide skills in troubleshooting hardware and software.


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