Advise safety, engineering and operations teams on safety regulations and regulatory compliance concerns relating to process and equipment design.

More Uses of the ISO 13849 Toolkit:

  • Collaborate with design engineers, project managements, development team, integrators, and customers on technical aspects of functional safety.
  • Organize: project engineering safety and continuous improvement.
  • Maintain software versions, upgrades and document solutions.
  • Systematize: perception system setup and runtime performance.
  • Ensure you lead and develop Safety Engineering team talent.
  • Control: considerable skills in control system network design and troubleshooting.
  • Foster the development of a culture reflective of the core values of the business.
  • Initiate: management and analysis of safety requirements.
  • Audit: customer, supplier, development team, manufacturing sites.
  • Be accountable for engineering functional safety management.
  • Organize: software development engineering in test.
  • Ensure you build and create software tools for use in assessing and improving system performance.
  • Govern: project/program/product management non tech.
  • Seek improvement opportunities in the safety review process.
  • Ensure you lead all compliance Testing.
  • Formulate: safety compliance and product reliability testing for electro mechanical products.
  • Ensure you lead your organization through integration of Functional Safety and compliance with ISO 13849 standards.
  • Oversee: desktop software engineering robotics.
  • Ensure you find creative approaches to abstract diverse hardware and software environments into common semantics.
  • Supervise: design and implement a series of offline tools for the robotics safety software suite.
  • Direct: familiarity in creating and defining thorough test cases and test plans through traditional test methodologies.
  • Initiate: director, preventive quality.
  • Provide skills in troubleshooting hardware and software.
  • Orchestrate: private brands compliance management.
  • Pilot: design and implement a framework for building safety critical software.


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