ISO 20000 brings a sort of discipline and prestige to the IT services company. It’s not a mere certification. In fact it could be a way of living for IT Service companies.

The success and reach of ISO/IEC 20000 lies in implementation. One needs to zero on exact organizational resources, key problem areas and strategy before coming to actual implementation. Advantages and benefits an organization can derive from ISO 20000 depend on the quality of implementation.

Following are the kind of desired results that are commonly expected:

•    Building a framework for implementation of on-going service projects
•    Instill a sense of ownership and responsibility across all levels. It creates a progressive work culture.
•    Enabling interchanging of service providers and staff – to improve operational efficiency.
•    Better communication and relationship among departments and functioning clarity.
•    Cutting costs and improving overall efficiency by timely delivery.

One can download the copy of ISO 20000 standard and then get it distributed to the concerned persons. ISO 20000 books as well as tools can be vary useful to know and implement the standard. The scope of ISO 20000 can be defined as per the need of the organization. Once you complete the procedure, you must get it audited through a qualified ISO 20000 auditors.

The overall ISO 20000 procedures generally include:

•    Overview of requirements including MIS and role of top management
•    Developing policies and processes
•    Documentation and service management records and framework

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