Work with the design and development engineers throughout the engineering organization to ensure systems are designed with appropriate requirements, interfaces and interactions to achieve specific vehicle functions.

More Uses of the ISO 26262 Toolkit:

  • Develop and execute firmware integration test plans on new hardware components and firmware features to rapidly retire risk from new designs and provide feedback to the development teams.
  • Establish and maintain all functional safety relevant internal and external interfaces as customer, supplier, development team, and manufacturing sites.
  • Be accountable for planning and coordinating the functional safety activities with product managers, development team, suppliers and customers up to the achievement of the safety goals on products.
  • Manage core team, customer relationship, and program open issues to ensure program milestones are achieved and information is maintained in PLM system.
  • Methodize: actively lead product development, quality, and reliability conversations to ensure that functional safety is a key consideration in all decisions.
  • Ensure you understand and can adapt processes associated to regulated software development (from traditional development methodology to Agile methodology).
  • Evaluate: configuration and use of the tools to comply with the requirements management and configuration management aspects of the functional safety standards.
  • Be accountable for applying iec industrial standards for the development lifecycle, and coaching developers on processes to apply during all phases from concept to production.
  • Ensure you lead and define requirements analysis, hardware specification, design, analysis, supplier management, integration, testing and validation of embedded real time control systems.
  • Lead a portfolio of engineering developments and providing assurance of engineering activities on safety related and safety critical systems/products.
  • Develop a detailed program plan, resource requirements and overall costs to launch the program with the Program Team and present status updates at executive program review meetings.
  • Rebalance multiple assembly lines to achieve labor savings and increase production throughput through evaluation of existing equipment, processes and personnel.
  • Manage work with engineering (design and manufacturing engineers) team to define process parameters and criteria to ensure supplier process capability is effective to meet product and process requirements.
  • Ensure your organization leads the test safety program, the quality management program, the operational design domain expansion program, and the verification and validation concept programs.
  • Ensure you lead the design and implementation of control algorithms for thermal management, power management and the control of a variety of hardware components.


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