Establish that your organization provides technical expertise and leadership in directing the research, development, planning, design, and administration of complex projects.

More Uses of the ISO 55000 Toolkit:

  • Provide information for annual fixed asset reporting.
  • Provide information on physical condition, asset performance and reliability of assets.
  • Control: risk and predictive with stakeholders in support of asset management plans.
  • Manage collection, analysis, and reporting of various data streams.
  • Confirm your organization provides advanced analytics and prepares statistical data, progress reports, and summaries for technical reports and asset management plans.
  • Advise on industrial maintenance planning and scheduling techniques.
  • Analyze data to provide business based maintenance strategies for critical assets.
  • Initiate: data modeling analyst (infrastructure assets).
  • Establish that your organization identifies new technologies, innovations and cost reduction opportunities.
  • Organize: breadth of knowledge in several other engineering disciplines, or organization business operations.
  • Audit: account for the statistical techniques used and the outcome of the data.
  • Ensure you train; recognized outside your organization as an expertise or authority on a engineering/technical field or discipline.
  • Standardize: deep expertise in one or more specific areas of engineering research and testing concepts, theories, practices, methods, techniques.
  • Identify: document new assets, locations, and vendor information and input into cmms.
  • Secure that your organization influences industry developments.
  • Utilize condition monitoring and predictive maintenance methodologies.
  • Drive: management analyst data modeling analyst (infrastructure assets).
  • Develop maintenance plans to achieve maximum asset reliability.
  • Oversee and manage department budget and process improvement initiatives.
  • Pilot: when combined the teams advise utilities on how to leverage emerging technologies in capital and maintenance planning programs.
  • Provide input to all equipment purchases routine replacements and Capital Projects.
  • Supervise: what wa the objective of the most complex project worked on.
  • Warrant that your organization leads project teams in the performance of tests and the preparation of technical reports and specifications.
  • Assure your organization provides expertise evaluation and consulting support to strategic asset management initiatives.
  • Confirm your organization compares current system performance against other similar industry benchmarks to establish best practices and improve system processes.


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