There are many different kinds of Certification available to the many and unrelated Industries in the world of Business. To wit, the main factor that sets all Industries as one is its desire to maintain and increase the profit and the customer satisfaction that will in the long-run be transmitted again in the form of profit.

To this, there are also other factors that must be considered like in the case of the management styles and the environment. To this, the ISO Certification has provided the necessary Certication for such Businesses and successfully these two Certifications have been implemented and are in current use in about 161 countries.

The ISO 9000 Certification carefully addresses the Certification for the Companys management and their management styles. This determines whether or not, they are in line with the current needs of their Company and the rest of the world. And to put in a more specific context, this ISO Certification is more focused on the customers requirements in terms of the quality of the goods and services provided to him and the Companys adherence to the countrys regulations, as well as, to the other organizations where it belongs to.

Also addressed is the obvious need to ensure the customers satisfaction, while at the same time continuing the improvement of the Company.

The ISO 14000 in the meantime, addresses the way the management protects the environment through their business practices and methods. This also includes the basic human responsibility to reduce the harmful effects of the Business to the environment as well as ensure its improvement and not deterioration. In the end, both of these are Certifications that are given in the basis of the Companys management decisions.

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