Although the ISO 9000 is meant for industries other than IT, many IT companies try to acquire this certification. This certification applies to the general processes and practices of all kinds of industries. The qualities specified by ISO 9000 are valuable for strengthening existing business relationships and nurturing them. ISO 9000 focuses on the working environment of a business.

The ISO IEC 20000 specially focuses on the IT system management of IT services. However, many IT firms get themselves certified with ISO 9000 because most clients, including government agencies, prefer to outsource work to firms that have this certification. Certain elements are common in both the certifications.

Moreover, you will find that Canada has employed the ISO 9000 20000 as quality standards for the public sector. Hence, the Canadian government demands both the standards for any company to be qualified for government work contracts. The ISO 20000 –1 and 2 directly relate to ITIL® (IT Information Library) best practices. Change management, release management and configuration management are the core areas looked upon by ISO 20000. If an organization already possesses ISO 9000 certification, it is easy to acquire ISO 20000. Just like the ISO 9000 is, the ISO 20000 is going to become a ‘must have’ requirement for IT organizations. Like the TQM and other quality benchmarks, ISO 9000 and ISO 20000 are essential to build world-class organizations. These systems have self-policing features. Implementing ISO 9000 and ISO 20000 procedures prevents many material and monetary damages.

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