ISO 9000 deals with quality management standards. It is basically an international consensus of good practices on quality management systems. Its aim is actually toward customer satisfaction. The ISO 9000 standards actually focus on the process and not on the products.

One of its standards is the ISO 9000 3. Being a member of the ISO 9000 family of standards, it is also geared toward keeping customers satisfied. But it is specially focused on quality management for computer software. It contains the guidelines on how ISO 9001 can be applied when companies develop, supply, install and maintain computer software. Because the software industry is a bit complex, these standards need a thorough understanding. The ISO 9000 3 manual provides the guidelines for auditing the compliance of regulations and standards. With the manual, assessing company compliance would be thorough and done well.

Implementing ISO 9000 3 would mean doing a series of actions. Again, all of these actions are focused on achieving quality and giving customer satisfaction. According to ISO 9000 3 standards, projects on software development should be planned and laid out based on the life cycle model. It begins when contract requirements are specified. Then it continues on with the development planning, designing and implementation. It goes on until the testing, acceptance and delivery or installation is done. Maintenance should be a part and documentation and quality records should also be accomplished. And there should also be training as well.

ISO 9000 3 was set forth for the IT community. Since ISO 9000 is applicable to almost all industries, guidelines were set so the IT industry would be able to do quality management as well.

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