An ISO 9000 certification means that a company met the requirements set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Certification is given not by the ISO but by an accredited certification body duly authorized by a national accreditation board. The set of quality management standards devised by the ISO is the sole basis for proper accreditation and certification.

ISO 9000 certified companies have instituted quality measures for its manufacturing or business processes. These measures comply with the internationally recognized set of standards which are being implemented in other companies. Having an ISO 9000 certification gives companies three major advantages.

First, an ISO 9000 certification means that companies can ensure that their business processes, quality handling, and management practices comply with universally recognized standards. This can give them a definite marketing edge because their products and services can be accepted in any market throughout the world.

Second, an ISO 9000 certification means companies have definite procedures that can make their processes effective and efficient. This can ensure maximum corporate productivity which could lead to increasing profit and stronger corporate viability.

Finally, an ISO certification means that companies have instituted superior record keeping practices. This will ensure that products and services can be strictly monitored for defects or quality issues. Through impeccable record keeping standards, products and services problems can be corrected thus paving the way for continuing corporate development.

ISO 9000 certified companies are considered leaders in their own respective industries. By complying with international standards, these companies ensure that the products and services they deliver are superior and of high quality.

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