The International Standards Organization or ISO is the largest developer as well as publisher of different types of International Standards in the world. It is a network of the different national standard institutes that come from more than one hundred and fifty seven countries, with a central body that is located in Geneva Switzerland which is in charge of coordinating the system.

Clearly, one can see that behind the ISO 9001 logo stands a non-governmental organization that is able to form a connection between both public and private sectors. While many of its members come from governmental structures, their roots are undeniably part and parcel of the private sector as they have been established by numerous national partnerships of different industry associations.

Any company carrying the ISO mark or standard of excellence is proudly displaying more than the accomplishments it has garnered throughout its years of existence. It is also signifying a commitment to producing high quality output in order to make the lives of their consumers and clients a whole lot better. Clearly, much is expected form a company that bears the ISO 9001 logo, and such a very little symbol certainly holds a lot of meaning for those who strive to have such a stamp on their own organizational products and services. So if you are looking for excellence in a particular product or service, you know what particularly renowned symbol of excellence to look out for only that of ISO 9001s, nothing more, nothing less.

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