Identify critical issues and non compliance with any of the applicable requirements of ISO26262 and the actions needed to meet the ISO26262 requirements associated with the assigned safety integrity level of the system and the relevant safety concept.

More Uses of the ISO26262 Toolkit:

  • Be accountable for supporting functional safety in hardware and software projects in order to meet the requirements of corresponding standards as ISO26262.
  • Develop safety architectures in accordance with ISO26262.
  • Analyze impact of ISO26262 releases for client Electronics and create Functional Safety awareness across department.
  • Develop the safety case in compliance with ISO26262.
  • Develop safety architectures and safety plans to ensure compliance with ISO26262.
  • Develop functional and technical safety concepts and safety architectures to ensure compliance with ISO26262.
  • Be accountable for training in ISO26262 development process and analysis techniques.
  • Manage the functional safety management to achieve quality management goals in alignment with ISO26262.


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