Microsoft Certified IT Professional examinations may be so hard for some and just easy for others. But those who are just preparing to take any of the MCITP examinations, it is better to think that the exam is difficult. No wonder why many reviewers are proliferating on some online stores. Among the most popular review materials for the MCITP is the so-called brain dump exam MCITP.

Brain dumps may have a lot of meaning. But for IT certification exams, brain dumps are the confidential information that is related to the examination. These may be obtained by previous examinees who memorized or took pictures of the actual exam. These are used by many online stores selling brain dumps like the brain dump exam MCITP. With this, the reviewer will have the actual examination and questions along with their answers. Therefore, what the examinee will do with a brain dump is to memorize the answers on all the questions.

Brain dump exam MCITP are said to be effective and reliable since these exams are rarely modified. Also, these exams are very hard to pass and also very expensive. Of course, potential professionals want to ensure their passing remark by any means—even with a brain dump.

Although effective and reliable, there are some who consider the brain dump exam MCITP as a form of cheating. This is because these materials were taken or copied from sources that are supposed to be secured. The distributed information are copyrighted and therefore, illegal for mass production or mass distribution without consent. That is why Microsoft is fighting against these materials. However, there are still brand dump exams MCITP that are publicly and apparently sold online.

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