ISTQB Certificate: New, yet Reliable enough for the Job

The not really known fact is that ISTQB is a new creation under Software Testing, and that being officially created in just November 2002.
And with just one month away from getting to 2003, people not associated with it are still wondering how ISTQB was able to do it.
In effect, it lies with the simplicity of ISTQB’s intentions and goals, which was to create a non-profit organization that would generally provide the testing foundations given by so many others.
In effect, ISTQB’s actions created a single Certification Examination that is still considered new, yet already has the necessary reliability that employers look for at their employees.

The ISTQB Certified Tester is the named of the Certification bestowed upon the passers of the Examination, and surprisingly, even though new to the world of Certifications, ISTQB is now one of the largest.
And being young, it still has the vibrancy that it needs to grow even more and the growing part of ISTQB is still not over, and it’s even far from done.
People, who really want to excel in Software Testing need to make it into a point to become Certified in that field, as without any Certification his career would be stagnant.

An ISTQB Certification is a good way to impress an employer and more so if the Certification in question is an advanced one.
And in a world of ballooning population, being one of the few who have Certifications can be a doubly help in the process of job-hunting, as well as keeping one’s job.

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