There is a need to keep a regular examining of audits.
It is very important, as IT cannot work properly if it is treated in a dismal way.
It simply cannot be trusted or even expected to work in this state.
Therefore good Governance must always be the prime focus when dealing with IT.
In fact, one of the most responsible actions to be done in IT Governance is the constant and never-ending testing of automated measurements of IT-based controls.
Policies and audit results can also be included in this, but action is most needed by IT itself.
The IT executives and Business leaders must keep a constant internal monitoring, measuring, and reporting oof these.
This is because of the need to ensure better IT security.
In fact, the more frequent these monitoring are, the better.
Besides, nothing works better than a secure and efficient IT.
And the job of monitoring is now even easier as nearly all IT security technology controls are automated.
This automation is most likely to be found in the Businesses with good IT Governance with performances as being "leaders" in their fields.
This is caused by their focus on both the documenting procedures to the making of much-needed changes to both business and technical procedures.
And in doing so, these "leaders" are now or at the process automating these processes because it is safer and much more convenient than doing it manually.
There is always the demand from customers for further automation of the end-to-end process on both technical and procedural assessments.
The results of all these automation capabilities very much effective in producing better customer satisfaction and service.
And in the face of thick competition, this is a very vital asset to have for a Business to maintain its IT Governance Model.


Each organization has a set of business strategies that serve as their guideline in meeting their goals as a business.  Nowadays, almost all companies rely on the strength, integrity and stability of their Information Technology department to ensure that the latest technology is being used in manufacturing the products or services that they offer to clients and consumers alike. However, because technology is always being enhanced, there will come a time when the usual procedure being followed will be outdated.  This produces the need to implement new IT procedures and policies which some employees may not be as keen to follow. For this, IT governance principles can be implemented. Essentially, IT governance is using the latest that Information Technology has to offer alongside management principles to see to it that a business organization meets its IT strategic business goals.

These business goals include the following: The first goal is to ensure business profitability by using the latest in Information Technology without compromising the quality of the end product. The second goal is to properly manage the risks involved in implementing IT-related decisions. The third and most important goal is to have a clear definition of the responsibility of each IT personnel, and to follow certain procedures in maximizing the use of a company’s IT infrastructures, processes and applications. With IT governance, business opportunities will be maximized by encouraging the IT personnel to showcase their best behavior in making use of the company’s IT resources.

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