IT management service company

IT management service companies offer their services to IT companies. Their services may include day-to-day management softwares, payroll and HR management or resource scheduling. IT management service companies may also offer property management service and consultancy. Sometimes, office administration and housekeeping services are provided under the banner of IT management services. Many a times these are called as support functions or services. They approach big IT companies and offer their services on yearly or monthly contract basis. Their revenue stream could be consultancy fees, or assignment charges or both.

IT management services can undertake a specific part of an IT project itself. It could be the third party testing or design of marketing collaterals. These IT management companies generally operate on a lean management structure. There are no hierarchies. Also, there functioning is fast. Decision-making too, may be smooth and simple. These are the benefits of a small business structure. Once the core activities are taken care, one can easily outsource the support functions to IT management services. This reduces the allocation of resources to non-core areas and therefore, is cost-effective. There is other side of the coin too. If the project has a very tight time frame, outsourcing some tasks may prove fatal, if they are not completed on time.

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