Due to the onslaught of information, businesses aside from the usual data management system have to put up another system- to keep data on available information. This is the principle behind metadata management. IT metadata management products are systems that make the creation of an integrated and consistent metadata easier.

There are various generations of IT metadata management products. The first generation are those that are used for integrated data dictionary, the IMS Data Dictionary, and ADABAS’s Predict. The second generation is ASG’s DATAMANAGER product. This is used to support various file and DBMS types.
The third generation products became known in the 1990s together with RDBMS engines such as IBM’s DB2. The fourth generation products is more with architectural modelling tool such as Adaptive Metadata Manager from Adaptive, Rochade from ASG, InfoLibrarian Metadata Integration Framework and Troux Technologies Metis Server product and others.

Things to consider

A business, which is planning to transfer all existing content to a new site, must consider a third party software. This means that a business should choose wisely on what IT metadata management products would be used.

The main problem in transferring is that there are hidden data and extraneous information in some files. An example of these is authors of the document, deleted text and drafting history. If these data are shared outside, some private information might be disclosed which can either be embarrassing or create risks. To be able to avoid this scenario, a business can employ a metadata removal solution, which erases the harmful metadata.
Application of this solution is easy to administer and use.
IT metadata management products have different uses. The best thing is to know what the business needs and to choose the best product appropriate to those needs.