I recently attended a meeting with one of our clients about the notion of upgrading from V2 to V3.  Their big question was why should they? What is in it for them?  After lengthy discussion and analysis of their current maturity level, we considered the following:

Maturity of IT organization:  Has ITIL® permeated every aspect, and is the key framework that all dep’ts have adopted?  This is crucial – if your IT org is still struggling to implement ITIL® V2, then now IS NOT a good time to upgrade.  However, if there is a sense of maturity – and through implementation experience, wisdom… then maybe.  We asked the question: Have you found flaws in the current framework that does not meet your needs? As we started to investigate, we saw that some of the issues were identified through V3, with possible ways forward.  One example was with Availability Mgt – they had on their own back, separated Event Mgt (not how they described it, but in essence the same process) as it, to them, was a separate process in itself.
What is the focus of IT org? – Is it about the design and implement of a service and walk away, or is it about the quality of service and trying to continuously improve this service?  The answer came out strongly as a continuous improvement – they had their processes well established and now they, as part of their company goals, were finding ways to improve the service. – This was another indication that they were ready to upgrade.  Interestingly enough – this became a penny dropping moment.  As we walked through the V3 model they could see very quickly how ITIL®’s focus was on “service lifecycle” not “process implementation” – and how these processes more than ever fitted together to create a quality service.

There were many more areas discussed and hey were very keen to go back and continue this “V3 readiness assessment”.  We referred them to our website which contains a V3 readiness assessment kit as a tool to assist them.

For all those who would like to look at this

Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service

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