Big companies are looking for IT employees who have the CompTIA Server+ certification


Disasters…they come in all shapes and sizes. In the IT world, a great number of problems tend to emanate from issues directly related to the security and states of servers. For businesses, protecting server integrity is a top priority; after all, they are critical components which often house valuable data, enable virtualization and make basic networking possible. Given these basic facts, it’s no wonder that companies (including a number of larger institutions) are always on the lookout for those with server-centric certifications to their credit. For those that are interested in meeting the demands of these organizations, a CompTIA Server+ certification is an excellent place to start.

In case you’re not already familiar with it, the Server+ cert program is a specialized training course which is offered through CompTIA (or, the Computer Industry Training Association). CompTIA is one of the more prolific organizations when it comes to IT certifications, and they’ve been around since the 1980’s; in other words, they’re very well established, to say the least.

Anyway, getting back to the point at hand; the CompTIA Server+ certification is a vendor-neutral program which trains candidates to use server software and hardware. The course covers areas like disaster recovery as well as the most common server issues and other notable technological concerns. The bottom line is that this is a fairly comprehensive certification program which essentially teaches initiates what they really need to know about servers in order to function in a professional IT capacity. Among the job titles that are typically sought after by those holding this certification are:

Systems engineer

Security analyst

Network administrator

Web site administrator

Network engineer

What’s more, this is an internationally-recognized certification, so those who are very ‘mobile’ or planning on accepting a position in another country should know that this is a very versatile qualification to own. Likewise, as you can see from the bulleted list above, there are plenty of excellent career options to choose from as well. An individual with a CompTIA Server+ certification should be able to find employment with large and small companies alike (from dedicated IT personnel to helping individual small businesses run their websites). Just as an example, IBM, Intel, HP, Dell, 3Com, Compaq, Adaptec and others are beginning to require their technicians to achieve this particular certification.

Simply put, when the CompTIA A+ program came online it changed the IT industry in a fairly major way. Suddenly companies were eager to get their employees into this new cert course, and you might even say that this move indirectly led to various technological improvements on a larger scale (globally). As expected, the server+ program is quickly becoming a highly sought-after certification that surpasses that of A+ in nearly every way imaginable.  


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Needless to say, as more and more large institutions begin requiring their IT personnel to seek out CompTIA Server+ Certification it will likely add (extra) perceived value to those who were ‘ahead of the curve’. Likewise, it’s extremely likely that those who receive these qualifications earlier will be positioned for the best jobs in the career field. In other words, “the early bird gets the worm” once again. Additionally, given that there is in fact a demand for those with Server+ training, and the certification isn’t that prohibitively expensive to obtain, there’s really no reason not to seek it out. Moreover, this is a dedicated training program we’re talking about here; even the most clueless IT worker will likely learn quite a lot throughout the course of attaining a CompTIA Server+ certification.

Before you attempt Server+, CompTIA recommends that you complete the A+ program first; it will provide initiates with a much clearer understanding of the basics. With regards to difficulty, Server+ is a much more involved course which most will consider to be moderately challenging at the very least. Some individuals might find that they need to spend extra time preparing for their exams; in other words, you shouldn’t skimp on training materials.

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