Many agree that when it comes to the practice of IT project management, or any other
project management for that matter, will rely heavily on how you start it.  The basic rule
is:  if you got it wrong from the very beginning, you’ll get it wrong in the end. It is
therefore very important that the team put their best efforts in implementing best
practices when it comes to IT management.  If you are looking for examples on IT
management, you can always research a document of project management practice. 
These documents are readily available online.

Everybody knows that IT project management practice is a team effort.  Understanding
clearly how you can effectively manage a project and its risks will help you in achieving
your goal even if you have limited resources, time and money.  While there may be
thousands of case studies available online, finding the best example of a document on IT
project management may take some time.  But in any case, most of the case studies you
will find can help you in your efforts of finding the best practice when it comes to your
IT project management.

Many case studies on the net will present you with an example of an IT project
management gone wrong.  Studying these IT management documents carefully will
present you with why, where and how these projects went wrong and will surely help you
in avoiding the same mistakes in your project as you put it in practice.  It is therefore very
important that you not only find IT management projects that have successfully been
implement but also those practices that failed to be implemented.  This way, you’ll have a
clear balance on the best way to approach your project.

So go ahead and search the web.  You will easily find many best practice IT management
project examples and documents.

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