Assessing risks and danger in a business is the main job of risks management. The most
important goal of risk management is help organizations and businesses to manage IT-
related risks.  Risks will always be there. Environmental risks like power failure, liquid
leakage are inevitable. Natural threats like flood, electrical storm; or Human threats like
unauthorized access to classified information are the thing that we should be watchful of.

With the IT risk management, planning for lower costs for security controls can be done.
Preventive measures can be provided. This allows IT managers to maintain steady
economic and operational costs of preventive measures. This will further improve the
mission abilities by taking care of the IT systems and data which carry out the company’s
missions. In IT setting, it encompasses all the everyday decisions you make. Fro
example, if you want to have a secured home, then installing a security system is the first
step that you should do. Most people who install these devices at home, value the
property inside than spending for expensive gadgets and monthly fees for security
service. So does IT firms. IT managers should make sure the company is equipped with
the ability to achieve its mission and objectives.

Recognizing the risks for IT needs a strong understanding and knowledge of processing
the system. The first step of performing risk assessment is collecting related information
like software, hardware, system mission, system and data sensitivity, etc. This includes
also system security policies, functional necessities of IT system. To develop IT system,
it is very important to secure and plan rules for future system. Technology is fast
changing, that is why innovating security strategies is the answer to protect our
organization’s data and information.