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Lay the foundation for reliable IT operations and support
Transforming IT management
Accenture’s High Performance
Business Research shows that IT is a primary enabler for high-performance organizations—and the connection between business growth and high- performance IT continues to strengthen.1 However, high-performance IT remains elusive as most organizations continue to confront these and other key challenges:
• Moving beyond reactive firefighting that distracts from more strategic activities and hinders innovation.
• Achieving a new level of investment and resource performance visibility across IT support and delivery.
• Understanding, anticipating and effectively addressing changing business needs.
• Following a true service orientation to enable greater agility, contain costs and fuel innovation.
• Ensuring a clear path for delivery
of cloud-based services and the rapid response and cost optimization benefits they provide.
Strategic frameworks, such as the version 3 refresh of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®), COBIT and Six Sigma, offer strategic guidance for enabling a service- oriented, lifecycle-based approach to managing IT support processes. However, such frameworks only address part
of the answer. Organizations need a comprehensive program that addresses not only process improvements and supporting technology, but also each specific organization, its personnel and its business requirements.
Success requires striking the proper balance—extracting what is needed from best-practice frameworks and then aligning the effort to what each organization can realistically absorb to achieve results. Accenture’s experience helps provide that balance, which is why we focus on, and strive to, deliver value well beyond a basic software installation. Our approach helps increase
?Does IT get our business?
Three out of four IT executives feel they understand their company’s business very well. Less than half of business execs credit IT executives with having a very good understanding of their business.
IT service support efficiency, agility and business integration—empowering IT to improve daily operations and invest in innovation that delivers strategic value on the journey to IT service excellence.
Tools for the service
management journey
For more than a decade, Accenture
and BMC Software have partnered to help organizations achieve IT service excellence. High-performance IT organizations deliver high-quality, cost- effective service support capabilities around service desk, incident management, problem management, change and release management, as well as asset and service-level management. Delivering a complete solution across each of these areas is the true strength of the BMC and Accenture partnership.
BMC is the market-leading provider
of Business Service Management
(BSM) software—including IT Service Management software. BMC Remedy
IT Service Management helps simplify, standardize and integrate IT support processes. Together, Accenture and BMC have developed a prescriptive approach and service delivery assets that help IT organizations achieve both incremental value and minimize organizational impact. The result: an IT service management solution that automates
IT processes, improves decision making and orchestrates workflow to manage today’s hybrid data center—across cloud, virtual, distributed and mainframe computing resources. Combined
with BMC’s other BSM solutions, IT organizations can deliver comprehensive lifecycle management from self-service provisioning through eventual retirement.
Core components of BMC’s BSM platform that support IT service management include:
• BMC Remedy IT Service Management for integrating and aligning all elements of IT service management against the ITIL framework.
1 See more Accenture research and insights for High Performance IT at:
100% = 150
?IT executives
General business executives
Extremely/very well Somewhat well
Not very/not at all well
IT Service Management: Key Challenges
Lack of financial transparency to understand cost drivers of services
Poor utilization of IT resources; skills become stale and attrition increases
IT Management
• IT Service Reporting
• IT Strategy
• Project Requests
• Financial Management
IT Management’s inability to correlate and analyze data for service and financial planning and reporting
???The Business
Engineering • Applications • Storage
• Desktop
• Server
• Server Ops
• Apps Management • Network Ops
Proliferation of IT data sources are not optimized/leveraged for efficiency or accuracy
IT focuses on technology instead of business process
?Business customers unable
to navigate IT, which creates perception of unresponsiveness
Inconsistent and manual processes do not provide cost-effective or scalable services
Operating model isolates IT from the business customer
User Services
• Technical Requests • Deskside Services
• Functional Requests
?Leveraging Accenture’s enterprise delivery skills and capabilities in IT operations and business processes,
we assess an organization’s current approach to IT service management. We then define an actionable roadmap that helps an organization prioritize areas
of critical need, identify underutilized assets and generate greater returns on IT investments—all via a global delivery model that optimizes Accenture and BMC resources to implement the BSM platform.
Accenture also provides expert guidance to address organizational change and enablement that can help—or hinder— software implementation. Tapping into our deep experience with BMC’s BSM platform, we help redesign current processes to better fit out-of-the-box software capabilities and then educate both project team personnel and end users on what the changes will mean for their roles and the overall organization. We can also help design and implement new processes, such as those required for reporting and audit analysis, to help maximize the benefit of an IT service management initiative.
Realizing the benefits
By engaging Accenture, organizations can help ensure a successful project outcome and avoid many of the challenges associated with implementing IT service management software. Accenture helps organizations:
• Maintain a focus on how the technology will be used—helping to ensure that an organization achieves
the expected improvements in process maturity and infrastructure performance.
• Minimize the need for customization— thereby reducing costs and risks associated with ongoing maintenance and system upgrades.
• Establish an IT service management foundation that is built for flexibility and scalability across both internal and cloud environments.
Ultimately, Accenture and BMC deliver a complete IT service management solution that fully addresses the people, process and technology needed to
build and maintain ITIL-compliant service support processes and functions. Together, we have demonstrated an ability to improve IT support efficiency, reduce costs, enhance service delivery and support greater business agility and value for our clients.
• BMC Atrium CMDB for providing
a “single source of truth” for IT configuration information—the foundation for IT service management functions.
• BMC BladeLogic and BMC Atrium Orchestrator for enabling the automation of operational tasks across both internal and cloud-based resources.
As an organization progresses in the larger journey to IT service excellence, it can integrate other products—including BMC IT Business Management for managing and improving the economics of IT across demand and resource management, supplier management, service costing and IT financial management.
BMC Remedy IT Service Management is available through both traditional and software-as-a-service (SaaS) models— empowering organizations to choose the approach that best fits their needs.
Services to accelerate success
Accenture maintains a global consulting practice dedicated to strategy and implementation services for organizations working toward ITIL- compliant, service-based management using BMC’s BSM platform.
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Business Runs on IT.
IT Runs on BMC Software.
Business thrives when IT runs smarter, faster and stronger. That’s why the most demanding IT organizations in
the world rely on BMC Software across distributed, mainframe, virtual and cloud environments. Recognized as the leader in Business Service Management, BMC offers a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk and drive business profit. For the four fiscal quarters ended September 30, 2010, BMC revenue was approximately
$1.96 billion.

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