emergence of IT services industry led to the demand of good quality IT service
management softwares. Many companies embarked on developing these softwares.
Now you will find many IT service management softwares in the market. These
softwares cover the area of service, security and performance management
solutions for IT service enterprises. These come at variable price points and
structure denominations. You will also find variety of service and support
management suites. BMC Software has a solution named BMC Remedy, targeted at IT
Service providers. There are solutions for service process management and
customer service management too. Many software companies have launched special
product lines to cater to the IT services industry. IT service management
softwares are developed on various technology platforms like Windows, Linux,
Sun OS and so on. Different verticals can have different versions of the same
software. Specialised softwares for helpdesk management and backup administration
also come under this segment. Websites such as AvailSuite provide an array of
service management softwares. One can organize different functions of an IT
services organization through these software tools.


software can effectively handle the schedule and dispatch of products and
services, billing, customer queries, expenses etc. Demo versions of these
products can be downloaded for free. Thereafter, one can buy them online.


IT giant such as Hewlett-Packard has even developed enterprise management
software for IT services. The IT services industry is a movement in itself. And
it needs ‘lubricants’ to keep moving. IT management softwares play exactly the
same role here.


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