service management toolkit comprises of proven software systems, templates,
guidelines and suggestions all of which help IT companies to improve the
efficiency of their existing business processes and reduce operational costs.
Such toolkits are easily available on many Internet websites. Some of these are
also available in the form of free downloadable versions. However, the free
version is not always useful because in most cases the free version is just a
limited version of a paid product. Depending on a limited version of IT service
management toolkit will mean comprising with the efficiency of the
organizational business processes and as such should be avoided. Since the
operations of the organization can get affected, it is necessary to be prudent
even while selecting a paid version of IT service management toolkit. The
purchase decision should not be based on costs because it is very much possible
that a low cost toolkit offers more benefits whereas a high cost toolkit offers
limited benefits. The best available IT service management toolkit will be
applicable to all the related aspects such as change management, service
process re-engineering, cultural change programs, project/program management,
interim management, tool selection, implementation and integration. A toolkit
that can be applied to all the above stated objectives and can be purchased at
reasonable prices should be selected.

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