Be certain that your organization has ownership of the customer relationship, has authority to execute a decision making process on the impact of out of scope issues and to lead related commercial negotiations and contract amendments in conjunction with the commercial lead.

More Uses of the ITAR Toolkit:

  • Be certain that your organization develops tools and processes for successful implementation of new optical assemblies and supports the ongoing production of optical assemblies using process engineering skills.
  • Head: research, evaluate and provide information regarding emerging milITARy and commercial enterprise it/cybersecurity technologies, and provide recommended strategies.
  • Standardize: aw operations are conducted at the strategic, operational, tactical, and cyber levels to attack milITARy and civilian targets.
  • Lead: program management is your organization critical function charged with delivering the program business case and achieving customer satisfaction.
  • Arrange that your organization provides program analysis and project support to the Manpower Management Integrated Product Team in direct support of Foreign MilITARy Sales (FMS).
  • Provide technician training and support that involves building, installing, maintaining, operating, and troubleshooting test equipment.
  • Head: mission solutions develops, delivers, and operates affordable engineering and sustainment solutions for commercial, milITARy and intelligence users across the globe.
  • Be accountable for negotiating sound business deals with customers and provide governance to the program team in carrying out the terms of the contract.
  • Be accountable for managing a group of scheduling professionals who provide integrated cost and scheduling support for MilITARy Training System programs.
  • Ensure your organization requires access to information, or technology that is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and other you government security regulations.
  • Inspect facilities, machinery, and safety equipment in order to identify and correct potential hazards and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Coordinate and execute development, qualification, and acceptance testing of systems and tooling needed to meet hardware deadlines.
  • Collaborate with product management and industry teams to provide input on future product direction, communicate and demonstrate new software capabilities to customers.
  • Control: review all contractual conditions and special requirements and flow down the requirements to designated business unit for adherence.
  • Confirm your organization tracks program scope and ensures that any requirement changes are managed in accordance with the change clauses in the contract leading customer negotiations where appropriate.
  • Establish that your organization applies broad aerospace industry and commercial awareness to drive financial and operational performance across sub functions .
  • Confirm your organization ensures the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information and systems used in planning, coordinating, directing, controlling, and sustaining milITARy forces.
  • Perform environmental compliance and due diligence audits to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory departments.
  • Interact with customers, milITARy, vendors and regulatory departments to negotiate quality procedures and problem resolutions which are in compliance with requirements.
  • Collaborate with intelsat support groups and/or premier customer engineers to lead transition activities, integrate and oversee the onboarding of new services into the existing operational intelsat product line.
  • Govern: work from approved engineering drawings, mechanical blueprints, quality inspection procedures, milITARy specifications, manufacturing process plans and other written instructions.
  • Be accountable for coordinating supplier requirements, maintaining supplier interfaces, interfacing with internal and external customers to facilitate acceptance of supplier products.
  • Ensure your organization develops appropriate sources of supply and maintains cooperative working relationships with vendors to stay current with trends and technologies, products and services.
  • Initiate: preparation and maintenance of the program management plan (pmp) and execution of the program in order to deliver the business case.
  • Confirm you lead and facilitate root cause and corrective action investigations to ensure that issues related to product reliability and quality that cause downstream disruption are corrected.


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