Exam Details:
* 40 questions
* The correct answer is only one of the four
* 60 minutes duration
* 26 out of 40 is a pass (65%)
* Closed book
* No notes

Practical Suggestions:
* Read the question CAREFULLY

* At this level of exam the obvious answer is often the correct answer (if you have read the question carefully!!)

* Beware of being misled by the preliminary text for the question

* If you think there should be another choice that would be the right answer, then you have to choose the “most right”

* Use strategies such as “What comes first?” or “What doesn’t belong?” to help with the more difficult questions

* Where there are questions that involve multiple statements (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4), then try to eliminate combinations that are immediately incorrect (based on something you can remember) so that the question is broken into smaller, and more manageable pieces.

Make sure that you prepare adequately in the lead up to your exam by reviewing your notes, reading any available material and attempting the sample exams.

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