In a business world where the biggest parts of its activities are operated by machines, IT Service management should be set.  ^This is in order to handle any problems that may arise at the height of business performance.  Systems problem encountered have found to be common as well as the areas it covers. As problems occurs, there were solutions made and were documented to serve as reference for future occurrence.  All these were compiled and the Information technology Infrastructure Library was frameworked.

ITIL® is a framework of approaches considered to the best worldwide that intends to facilitate the delivery of high quality IT services. It enumerates an extensive set of management procedures intended to help businesses achieve the value for money as well as obtained the high quality service in IT operations. These procedures are based on the need of the end user and have been developed to guide them across the breadth of the IT Infrastructure.  ITIL® started in the United Kingdom has been world wide accepted as the defacto standard in the provision of IT Service. Even if the ITIL® covers different areas, all in all its focus in on IT Service Management.

The international standard for IT Service management is ISO/IEC 20000.  The ISO/IEC 20000 is generally aligned with ITIL®.  An ITIL® Toolkit is available in the market and provides existing ITIL® users and beginners a thorough understanding and implementation of the ITIL® in their organizations.  With ITIL®, there are ready solutions to all the problems that may transpire as we managed our IT systems at work.

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