ITIL® and Exam

To learn about ITIL® and exam tools and applications you have to apply for the ITIL® examinations that are held at global level. All the examinations are held under the accreditation of EXIN and ISEB. Apart from these standard institutions, ITIL® Examination Agency, North America organizes EXIN’S paper-based ITIL® exams in the United States. Moreover, it also provides independent proctoring and administrative services.

There are three main courses for ITIL® exams that the Art of Service organizes. We also help our candidates prepare for the final exams through a series of mock exams. The main exams are:

ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management: This is considered to be the most important ITIL® exam certificate for IT service management as it introduces you to the concepts and applications of Service Management.

Practitioner Certificate in IT Service Management: This ITIL® Exam will take your studies to a higher level where application of ITIL® processes are discussed in detail.

Manager’s Certificate in IT Service Management: This is highly professional ITIL® exam which is especially designed for professionals in Service Management.

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