Every day I try to experience something new, sometimes these things are downright scary and sometime it is not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be. The great thing however, is that you see new things, hear new things and learn something new every day. (do I need to remind you that my motto is: “Every day is a schoolday”?)

And you know what the interesting thing is? Most things bring me back to IT Service Management and how the guiding principles of ITIL® and ITSM can be clearly seen in every day life. Take for instance last Monday… A friend of mine has been organising ‘open mic’ music sessions for approx. 5 years now, and Monday was the very first time I had the opportunity to attend and listen. I realised how similar the music industry is to the running of an IT organisation.

In order to make music a pleasant experience for everybody you will need to share information:

  • Which song are we singing    / which services shall we deliver?
  • In which key do we sing the song / to what level do we deliver the services?

Every musician plays its own role; each instrument is different and they don’t even have to play the same notes to make it sound nice. As long as everybody focuses on their own processes the end product is amazing! And there is a conductor to make sure they all play to the same tempo and rythm. The moment people want to interfere with the other players things go horribly wrong.. the music is out of sync and the experience is suffering! And when certain instruments are missing, the overall delivery is not nearly as good as what it should be (or could have been). Sure – it still sounds like music, but as audience you have the distinct feeling you miss something…

Take this into an IT organisation and you’ll start to see the similarities:

  • Each area in the IT organisation plays a significant role in the overall IT delivery. All key areas playing together makes it such a seamless service that enhances the business processes. When there is a specific function or process missing, the end result will be less satisfactory. (sure there is IT but as the customer or end user you get the distinct feeling that it should have been better…)
  • Infrastructure support doesn’t have to do the same as Project Management – as long as they work together towards the same end result.
  • The IT Service Manager makes sure the right services are delivered at the correct level, just like a conductor of an orchestra.
  • The true experts, the true professionals can sit down anywhere and deliver what is required.. just tell them the service that is to be delivered and at which levels – the are experienced and know what is possible with their instruments. They don’t need detailed step-by-step directions, but they feed off each other to make something truly remarkable.

So next time you listen to music, go to a concert or a school performance… think about this experience and how you can use this to enhance your IT Service Management, it will be music to your ears!



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