ITIL® stands for the Information
Technology Infrastructure Library. This is a framework of management procedures
which are supplier independent and have been designed for providing guidance across
IT infrastructure, development and operations to facilitate delivery of the
highest quality of IT services through best practice approaches. ITIL® was
developed in the 1980s but gained wide acceptance only by the mid 90s. ITIL® is
designed for controlling and managing operations, being built around a process
model view.


The ITIL® framework  


Service Support: – In the ITIL®
discipline, service support focuses on the user of the ICT services. Its
primary concern is to ensure that proper access to appropriate services is
provided in order to support all business functions. The entry points to the
process model in a business are the users and customers. Their involvement in
the service support is by asking for changes, having difficulties/queries and
needing communication and updates. For the customers, the service desk provides
a single point of contact to record their problems.


In management operations ITIL®
covers problem management, configuration management, change management, release
management, service level management, capacity management, IT service
continuity management, availability management, financial management for IT
services, planning to implement service management, security management, ICT
infrastructure management, ICT deployment management, ICT operations management
, application management and software asset management.


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