ITIL change management table

Government Procurement and ITIL®

Government Procurement and ITIL® are linked together. ITIL® and IT Infrastructure Library is a Registered Trade Mark and Registered Community Trade Mark of the UK Government’s Office of Government Commerce. It is also known as OGC. Now owned by OGC, originally ITIL® was made by CCTA, under the aegis of British government.

Officially, OGC works with UK government with an aim to “improve procurement” and also for “project/programme management”. OGC plays a direct and important role to represent UK on the procurement matters with the European Commission, EU partners and also to World Trade Organisation and other members. It also helps the departments in application of the rules in UK.

Incident Management ITIL®

Incident management ITIL® ensures that the disruptions to the business processes are minimum and the service operations run at an agreed level of efficiency. In fact incident management ITIL® was amongst the first implemented components of ITIL® quality framework.

Incident Management ITIL® is a component of Service support domain of ITIL® and is the most immediate and visible part of the whole framework. ITIL® service desk is the most vital part of incident management ITIL®. This part of incident management ITIL® is responsible for processing incidents, problems, enquiries, change and service requests, and IT service management processes.

Incident management ITIL® is tightly related with other ITIL® components such as problem management, change management, configuration management and service level management.

ITIL® change management table

ITIL® change management table provides a systematic explanation of the standard methods and process that are used for effective treatment of changes. It is done to reduce the total impact of changes on the quality of service. ITIL® works to improve the daily functioning of the organization.

The ITIL® change management table creates support for the proposed changes. ITIL® change management makes the whole process take place. The ITIL® change management table process keeps the IT infrastructure lined up with all the requirements of the business. The table validates the whole approach for the right handling of all the changes.

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